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The Cost of Installing Winter Tires

Winter Tires Installation

If you choose to use winter tires through the winter, then you will need to install them on your vehicle as soon as the weather reaches an optimal temperature.

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Unlike all-season or all-weather tires, winter tires cannot be driven year-round, which is why they require installation and removal every year. Luckily, installing winter tires isn’t nearly as inconvenient or costly as you might think. Below, we delve into everything there is to know about winter tires installation, including how and when to install them and the average cost of installing winter tires in different parts of Canada. After all, properly preparing your vehicle for winter is the safest decision you can make.

How to Install Winter Tires

Almost every automotive service centre or auto body shop in Canada offers tire changing services, including winter tire installation. However, if you would prefer to save some money and install your winter tires yourself, you can do so. For those taking a DIY approach to winter tire installation, here is a step-by-step guide:

  • 1. Position the Vehicle: The first step is to turn off your vehicle, put it in Park, and turn on the parking brake. Then you’ll want to place wheel chocks or blocks on either side of the tires.
  • 2. Prepare the Winter Tires: Remove the hubcap of the four winter tires and loosen the nuts using a spanner (turning it a quarter or half turn counter-clockwise should do the trick - you don’t want them completely loosened).
  • 3. Place the Jack Underneath the Vehicle: Put the jack under the vehicle and turn its crank to raise the tire off of the ground (roughly 20 cm from the ground).
  • 4. Remove the Vehicle’s Existing Wheels: Using the spanner from step 2, loosen and remove the nuts from the vehicle’s existing tires. From there, you should easily be able to remove the tire.
  • 5. Install the Winter Tires: Once your old tire has been removed, place your prepped winter tire on the hub and tighten the nuts by turning them clockwise until they are tight (you can do this by hand).
  • 6. Lower Your Car to the Ground: Using the jack, lower your vehicle back down to the ground, and finally, give the nuts one last tighten using the spanner. Remove the jack completely and repeat this process with the other three winter tires!

As you can see, installing your own winter tires isn’t as difficult or time-consuming as you may think. In fact, once you’ve done it a few times and have the necessary equipment on hand, you’ll probably be wondering why you haven’t been doing it yourself this whole time. In essence, if you’re comfortable changing a flat tire, then installing winter tires on your vehicle should be a breeze.

When to Install Winter Tires

Now that you know how to install winter tires, the question is when to install them. Many Canadians struggle with this, mainly because of how unpredictable the fall and winter weather can be. That is why in most provinces, there won’t be a set date every year that you should install your winter tires by. Rather, you should go by the weather forecast and average daily temperatures. The general rule of thumb is to install winter tires on your vehicle when daily temperatures reach an average of 7 degrees Celsius or below for at least one week. This is because winter tires perform best in colder temperatures, and installing them while the weather is still mild or warm can wear them down faster. While temperatures vary across Canada, you can generally expect to install winter tires in October or November and keep them on until March or April (Thanksgiving to Easter is a commonly used marker).

The Cost of Installing Winter Tires

If you would prefer to have an automotive professional install your winter tires for you, the cost of such a service will be anywhere from $60 to $100. The price largely depends on where you live in Canada (auto body shops in major Canadian cities tend to charge more than their more rural counterparts). However, you’ll only have to pay this fee twice a year and it will likely provide you with unparalleled peace of mind, not to mention convenience, which is worth it for many Canadians. If you do choose to have your winter tires installed at an automotive service centre, you can expect the mechanic to unmount your existing tires, mount your new winter tires, balance them, and reinstall them.

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