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Hassle-Free Installation

Hassle-Free Installation

Hassle Free Installation

Our goal is to make the entire process of buying new tires, from selecting them to installing them on your vehicle, as simple as possible. As a result, we collaborate with professional tire installers to provide you with expert advice and safe services. You can choose from three different installation methods:

  • Ship to a certified installer (recommended)
  • Mobile installation services
  • Home delivery

Buy Tires Online and Ship to a Certified Tire Installer

Our approved installers are chosen based on our previous experience working with them and our trust in their expertise and high-quality service to our customers.

Why we recommend shipping to a affiliated tire installers

  • certified installers have the right equipment to mount and balance tires, including touchless tire changers and electronic wheel balancers.
  • Only certified technicians work with us.
  • Customers can also get a wheel alignment, electric diagnosis, brake mechanism checks, and other electrical and mechanical services from them.
  • Enjoy excellent customer service. Our installers are not only skilled but also courteous and respectful.

How to ship to a certified installer

1. Shop and choose an affiliated installer

Enter your postal code in the shipping options area during checkout to see a list of our affiliated installers in your area (within a 100-kilometer radius). Select your preferred option and complete your order. See our list of approved tire installers here.

2. Ship the package directly to the affiliated installer

Our team will advise the affiliated installer about your order. It will be automatically shipped to the selected affiliated installer.

3. Schedule an appointment for installation

You will get an approximate delivery time along with your package tracking number. Please schedule an appointment with the installer at least two days following the estimated delivery date. To avoid rescheduling your appointment (in case of shipping issues or delays), allow an extra 2 days.

4. Pay for the installation to the affiliated installer

Each certified installer sets its pricing in terms of tire mounting, balancing, and installation. Installation of run-flat tires, TPMS valves, and other services may incur additional charges. The amount due for all services offered by the installer will be payable directly to the installer.

Mobile Installation Services

Want a professional to install your tires in the comfort of your own home or workspace? Buy your set of tires at and we will deliver and install your tires right in your driveway.

Here's How it Works:

1. Choose mobile installation services while checking out your order.

2. Complete your order

3. We'll contact you to schedule an appointment when your order is ready for delivery and installation.

Tire Size Guide

What do you enter for Tire size when searching for tires?

Just in case - here is how you figure out your tire size. Here’s a picture of a tire - you will need to grab those 3 numbers before you start searching - 205/65/R15 would be the size for the tire.

It would be in your car manual, vehicle door, or you can check the current tires on your vehicle.

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