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Carlisle is a manufacturer of specialty tires and wheels, with an extensive product line designed for ATVs/UTVs, trailers/haulers, lawn and garden, and more

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Carlisle is a manufacturer of specialty tires and wheels, with an extensive product line designed for ATVs/UTVs, trailers/haulers, lawn and garden, and more. Carlisle Tires has long been considered one of the leading tire manufacturers of specialty tires, thanks to their superior quality, flawless performance, and cutting-edge technology. At Tire Warehouse, you’ll find several of Carlisle’s best trailer and hauler tire models, including the three products below.

Carlisle Radial Trail HD

For a smooth ride, exceptional durability, and higher load availability, the Carlisle Radial Trail HD might just be for you. This Carlisle tire is a trailer tire designed for a wide range of toy trailers, boat trailers, horse/livestock trailers, utility trailers, and other specialty trailers. It was engineered to last, making it suitable for both long and short distances. The Radial Trail HD features a unique heat and rubber-resistant compound and high-tensile steel belts, which together reduce rolling resistance and increase impact resistance, making this an extremely durable and versatile trailer tire.

Carlisle Sport Trail

The Carlisle Sport Trail is another Carlisle trailer tire. Like the Radial Trail HD, it is suitable for a variety of trailers, such as boat trailers, horse and livestock trailers, cargo trailers, and recreational vehicles (RVs). The tire features a bias ply construction, a rugged sidewall, and circumferential grooves. Overall, these features result in a trailer tire that offers excellent traction and grip on both wet and dry surfaces, increased cornering capabilities on all roads, and reduced heat build-up for safe driving.

Carlisle USA Trail

The Carlisle USA Trail is also a trailer tire, but one that was designed to offer superior high-speed performance. It is suitable for horse and livestock trailers, RVs, boat trailers, cargo trailers, specialty trailers, and towable utilities trailers. However, it can also be used on golf carts and farm equipment. This heavy-duty Carlisle product has up to a load range D rating, meaning it can handle heavier loads with ease. It is also made in the United States, has a longer-lasting tread life than almost any other trailer tire on the market, and offers a quiet ride and excellent cornering stability thanks to the stiff sidewalls.

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