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Best All Weather Tires in Canada

Best All Weather Tires

All-season tires are the most popular tire in Canada. They have made a name for themselves as the go-to tire for Canadians owing to their superior performance in a wide range of weather conditions.

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All-season tires are designed with all four seasons in mind, which means they typically offer acceptable traction on both a hot summer afternoon and a slushy morning in January. In terms of convenience and price point, all-season tires simply can’t be beaten. These tires are typically fuel-efficient, easy to drive, and offer comfort and control, whether you’re driving on a residential street or the highway. Technically speaking, most all-season tires are suitable for temperatures of 7 degrees Celsius or above, however, some are known for performing in sub-zero temperatures. When searching for an all-season tire that will perform in light winter conditions, look for certain tread design features, including wide circumferential grooves, an asymmetrical tread pattern, and full-depth siping, as these features typically indicate how successful the tire will be at excavating water, slush, and snow. You may also want to look for tires with the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol, as this designation confirms that the tire has performed successfully in extreme weather conditions. All-season tires generally require very little maintenance, and depending on where you live in Canada, you may not even need to switch them out in the winter. Overall, all-season tires are a safe, comfortable, and convenient option for Canadians.

Your Guide to Choosing the Best All-Season Tires

If you’re considering investing in a set of all-season tires then you’ve come to the right place. With so many different brands and price points on the market, it can be difficult to know which all-season tire is right for you. We want to make your decision a little easier by outlining a few of our favourite all-season tires. Below, our team of Tire Warehouse experts has created a helpful buying guide, showcasing a few tires that we think are “good,” “better”, and “best” when it comes to all-season tires.

Good All-Season Tire Options

If you’re after a budget-friendly all-season tire you can depend on, look no further than the Radar Dimax 4 Season. We rated this tire as “good” because it performs well on both wet and dry surfaces, offering excellent value for your money.

Radar Dimax 4 Season

Radar Tires is known for producing tires with enhanced traction, braking, and handling abilities, and the Radar Dimax 4 Season is no exception. This all-weather passenger tire is suitable for coupes, sedans, CUVs, and SUVs, and is known for its superior performance in a range of wet and dry conditions, including light snow. It employs run flat technology and features high-density sipes, an asymmetric tread pattern, and wide circumferential grooves. Together, these premium features provide top-notch grip in rain, snow, or slush, hydroplaning resistance, and a quieter ride. The Radar Dimax 4 Season has even been tested in severe snow conditions and met the requirements for performance, earning it the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake designation. Safety and comfort are what you get with this all-season tire, which is best suited to urban roads and highways. Overall, owing to Radar’s dual compound technology that allows it to excel in dry summer conditions as well as wet winter conditions, the Radar Dimax 4 Season is a true all-season tire Canadians can count on.

Better All-Season Tires Options

The all-season tire below falls into the “better” category for several reasons, ranging from traction to durability. In our opinion, the key distinction between “good” and “better” all-season tires comes down to winter grip. To be a true all-season or all-weather tire, it must be able to perform in rain, slush, and light snow. For that reason, we’ve chosen to highlight the Firestone WeatherGrip.

Firestone WeatherGrip

The Firestone WeatherGrip is an all-season tire you can rely on. This tire was specifically designed to perform in extreme weather conditions, ranging from a heavy downpour to a dry desert. Firestone is a reputable brand and the sister company of the world-renowned Bridgestone. Thus, you can rest assured that the quality and durability of the Firestone WeatherGrip tire are not a concern. This all-season tire was engineered for passenger cars, including sedans, coupes, and CUVs. Firestone employs their patented Hydro-Grip technology on these tires, which ensures they perform effortlessly, even in standing water. They also feature cornered shoulder blocks, interlocking, circumferential grooves, vices on the ribs, and claw technology. This combination is what results in the Firestone WeatherGrip’s enhanced traction, reliable handling, and shorter braking distances, no matter the weather. Overall, this all-season tire, which is 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake certified, has proven that it can withstand a wide range of adverse weather conditions, making it a go-to year-round tire for Canadian drivers.

Best All-Season Tires Options

The two tires listed below are the best of the best when it comes to all-season tires in Canada. These high-performance, premium-quality tires are superior in every way, from longevity and handling to grip and stability.

Toyo Celsius/Celsius CUV

The Toyo Celsius/Celsius CUV tires are the cream of the crop. These all-season passenger tires were designed to perform exceptionally well throughout all four seasons, and they deliver on this promise. Suitable for passenger cars, as well as CUVs and SUVs, the Toyo Celsius/Celsius CUV tires are just as effective in winter conditions as many of the leading winter tires on the market. This makes them an excellent choice for any driver that is after a high-quality all-season tire that won’t need to be changed come winter, no matter where you live in Canada. The Toyo Celsius/Celsius CUV tires feature snow claws, slush grooves, variable sipe density, and multi-wave sipes, which work together to excavate slush, increase block rigidity, and provide traction even in deep snow. As you would expect, these Toyo all-season tires are also 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake certified.

Michelin CrossClimate 2

Most all-season tires are not designed to handle the harsh winter conditions that many Canadian cities face, but the Michelin CrossClimate 2 is not one of those tires. These performance touring tires, best suited to passenger cars, SUVs, and CUVs, set themselves apart from their competitors by offering superior traction and braking capabilities on both dry asphalt and heavy snow. The Michelin CrossClimate 2 is a true hybrid tire, offering drivers the best features of both summer and winter tires. Featuring a V-formation tread design, 3D locking sipes, and a thermo-adaptive tread compound, the traction and versatility of these tires are simply unmatched. The Michelin CrossClimate 2 was engineered to adapt to changing surface conditions and it offers slow treadwear and short braking distances. These silica-enriched tires help provide uncompromised performance in winter conditions while maintaining low rolling resistance, making them more fuel-efficient. This Michelin tire is 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake certified and comes with a 60,000 mileage warranty. Ultimately, the Michelin CrossClimate 2 performs far better than your typical all-season tire, which is why we consider it to be one of the best all-season tires on the market today.

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