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Toyo Tires Open Country Tires

Below, we delve into three of the top-performing Toyo Tires Open Country products: the Toyo Open Country A/T II Xtreme, the Toyo Open Country WLT1, and the Toyo Open Country R/T.

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Toyo Tires is a Japanese tire manufacturer that has quickly grown to be one of the most reputable in the world. They are renowned for their exceptional traction and their off-road capabilities, which is what makes them so popular amongst off-road enthusiasts and severe-weather drivers. Toyo Tires Open Country is just one of the Japanese brand’s many tire lines, however, it’s one of our favourites. This versatile line consists of light truck, SUV, and crossover tires, each of which has unique off-road capabilities. Whether you’re looking for an all-season all-terrain tire, a studless winter tire, or an all-season rugged terrain tire, you can find it in this Toyo Tires range. Each of these tire models offers superior off-road capabilities, whether you’re driving through mud, snow, gravel, or dirt. No matter what terrain comes your way, having a set of Toyo Tires Open Country tires on your vehicle will ensure you can tackle it. For durability, traction, and versatility, look no further than Toyo’s Open Country tires. Below, we delve into three of the top-performing Toyo Tires Open Country products: the Toyo Open Country A/T II Xtreme, the Toyo Open Country WLT1, and the Toyo Open Country R/T.

Toyo Open Country A/T II Xtreme

The Toyo Open Country A/T II Xtreme is, as the name suggests, an all-season all-terrain light truck and SUV tire with “extreme” off-road capabilities. Deep scalloped shoulders, a wear-resistant tread compound, an aggressive sidewall, and a deeper tread depth are just a few of the features that give the Open Country A/T II Xtreme an edge over its competitors. The sipe design and tie bars between blocks prevent irregular wear, giving these tires a vastly superior wear resistance. In fact, Toyo Tires states that the Toyo Open Country A/T II Xtreme provides over 40 percent more tread life than its predecessors. This Toyo tire also has impressive on-road performance, owing to its reinforced sidewalls and open tread block design, which provides added handling and cornering stability in both wet and dry conditions. Meanwhile, off-road performance is out of this world thanks to the deep tread grooves and stone ejector technology that work together to deliver uncompromised traction on mud and snow. Overall, the Toyo Open Country A/T II Xtreme offers excellent traction both on and off-road, whether you’re driving on a dry highway or sand, gravel, dirt, grass, or mud. This Toyo tire also has outstanding cornering stability, ride comfort, and a tread life far beyond its competitors.

Toyo Open Country WLT1

The Toyo Open Country WLT1 is a studless winter tire built for a variety of heavy-duty light trucks, such as pick-up trucks, vans, and SUVs. It is engineered to withstand challenging winter conditions and deliver improved ice and snow capabilities, as well as a longer tread life. Features of the Toyo Open Country WLT1 include a deeper tread depth and advanced tread design, wider, deeper grooves, high sipe density, a wider tread footprint, a straight sipe and dimple design on the outside of the tread, and heavy-duty construction with rigid casing. The increased sipe density allows the tire to excavate water and grip the ice or snow-covered surface underneath while the straight sipe and dimple design on the outside of the tread improves the tire’s resistance to wandering and gives it better snow traction. The wider footprint makes for better driving stability and the High Rigidity Sidewall Compound is bruise and abrasion-resistant, helping the tire withstand damage. Further, the Toyo Open Country WLT1 is 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake-certified, meaning it has been successfully tested in severe snow conditions. This studless winter tire ultimately has a long tread life, excellent traction, grip, and stability in severe winter conditions, and a high load carrying capacity.

Toyo Open Country R/T

Last but not least is the Toyo Open Country R/T. This Toyo tire is an all-season on and off-road rugged terrain light truck tire. It features wide shoulder grooves, scalloped shoulder lugs, an aggressive sidewall with a durable sidewall compound, stone and mud ejectors, and a 3-ply polyester casing. These features allow the tire to deliver on off-road traction, handling, and durability. It also prevents mud and snow build-up in the tire, removes mud and stones from the grooves, and reduces road noise, ensuring a quiet, smooth, and comfortable ride. Plus, the Toyo Open Country R/T is resistant to bruises, cuts, and abrasions.

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