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Radar Renegade-x Tires

All-Season Mud Terrain Passenger Light Truck/SUV tire.


  • High void-to-lug ratio, deep side blocks and a specially formulated Rock-Crawl tread compound
  • Mud-rescue shoulder
  • Unique combination of stone ejectors and serrations on the bottom tread
  • High turn-up 3-ply sidewall construction combined with aggressive “stealth” shaped sidewall lugs
  • Specially formulated tread compound combined with tie bars
  • Optimized tread pattern design
  • Rim Flange protector on all sizes
  • M+S Rated


  • Provides exceptional traction and grip on rocks, gravel, mud and soft soil
  • Provides additional traction that helps pull the vehicle out of mud
  • Add an additional layer of reinforcement to increase puncture resistance
  • Provide biting edges for additional grip and traction, and provide protection from external sidewall damage
  • Provide lateral stability, promote even wear and increases longevity
  • Reduces noise for a quieter and more comfortable on-road ride


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