Cooper Discoverer True North

Winter Passenger tire Primarily Designed for SUVs, CUVs, Smaller Pickups and some Passenger Car Applications. Ideal for Drivers who want Performance on Highway commutes in Winter Weather, where Slush and Black Ice can be a common occurrence.


  • Outboard tread
  • Inboard tread
  • Noise dampening structures
  • Snow-Groove technology
  • Tread compound
  • High density siping
  • Severe Weather Rated
  • Standard Limited Warranty


  • Provides for exceptionable slush and water evacuation
  • Provides more rubber on the road to grip ice
  • Reduce noise generated from tire/road interaction
  • Traps snow in the tread, enhancing grip through snow-on-snow traction
  • Enhances traction on ice and negates the need for stud pins
  • The most sipes Cooper offers provides grip and traction in ice and snow


Get up to a $100 mail-in rebate with the purchase of new set of four (4) qualifying Cooper® tires.


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