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How to change a flat tire

If you have a flat tire or are experiencing difficulty moving your vehicle to the nearest service center, how do you


If you have a flat tire or are experiencing difficulty moving your vehicle to the nearest service center, how do you change a flat tire?

There are many reasons why a driver might need to change a flat tire, and you should be aware of these reasons before you waste gas by driving erratically. One reason that makes people take action and change their flat tire is when the tire air pressure only lasts a few days.

Will you know what to do if you had a flat tire in the midst of nowhere with no cell phone service and no way to contact roadside assistance? Understanding how to change a flat tire is a skill that has fallen out of favor, but it should be learned.

Spend a couple of minutes learning how to change a tire by following these seven simple steps. Check that you have the necessary equipment and that your car is not blocking traffic. When you have them, set up reflector cones, and ensure you change or fix your flat tire as soon as possible. That's where Tire Warehouse comes in.
To fix a flat tire, you'll need the following tools. Always keep these tools in the trunk of your car:

  • Pry bar or flathead screwdriver
  • Spare tire
  • Cross-shaped lug wrench

Follow the following steps to change flat tires

1.               If your wheels are made of steel, remove the wheel cover

It is equivalent to removing the lid from a paint can when removing your wheel cover. Pry the wheel off using a flathead screwdriver till it comes off.

2.               Remove your spare tire, lock your truck, and carefully release the lug nuts

To stop your car from moving, use stones, pebbles, or wood to block the wheels on the other side of the flat tire. Release the lug nuts with your lug wrench, but don't remove them. You will need to locate the lug key that fits your wheel fasteners if you have replacement wheels.

3.               Jack up your car

Insert the handle and pump up and down if you have a hydraulic jack. Insert the wrench or rod and crank it up with a scissor jack.

4.               Take off your flat tire.

With your hand, remove the remaining lug nuts. Move the flat tire towards your body with your hands on every side of it. You should be able to slide your flat along the lug bolts until it becomes completely free. Roll the tire to the back of the car.

5.               Replace the lug nuts after lifting your spare onto the lug bolts

Lift the reserve into place on the lug bolts with caution. Lock the lug nuts in position with your wrench.

6.               Tighten the lug nuts as you lower your vehicle

To ultimately return your truck to the ground, turn your jack in the opposite way. Use your lug wrench to lock your lug nuts as much as possible.

7.               Return your wheel cover to its original position

To avoid denting your wheel cover or hub cap, use your hands rather than a wrench. With your palm, press the lid into position.

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