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Reliable and budget-friendly, Rovelo Tires is the go-to tire manufacturer for drivers all over Canada. Rovelo Tires is based in China and owned by Sailun Tyres.

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Reliable and budget-friendly, Rovelo Tires is the go-to tire manufacturer for drivers all over Canada. Rovelo Tires is based in China and owned by Sailun Tyres. They specialize in all-weather tires that are known for their excellent steering and handling, improved performance on wet surfaces, and superior hydroplaning resistance. Rovelo Tires has only been improving in quality since its inception, and they now have models suited for passenger cars, vans, and trucks. Ultimately, Rovelo Tires offers Canadian drivers exceptional value for the money.


The Rovelo RPX-998 is a performance tire available at an affordable price point. This tire is best suited to sports cars, coupes, and sedans. The RPX-998 features an asymmetrical tread pattern, a solid centre rib, reinforced shoulder tread blocks, and high angle sipes. Together, these features make for better grip levels (even on tight turns), improved tire durability, and a more comfortable driving experience. Further, the handling and stability of the Rovelo RPX-998 are simply unmatched. If you’re looking for a high-quality performance tire at the best price possible, this Rovelo model might just be for you.


If comfort and quality are two of your top priorities, then you may want to consider the Rovelo RHP-779. This all-season radial passenger car tire is another one of Rovelo’s top performance products. It was specifically designed to perform in a wide range of weather conditions, and it does just that. Unique features of the Rovelo RHP-778 include wide shoulders, a solid centre rib, full-depth, multi-angle sipes, a high abrasion compound formula, and an all-season rubber compound. This Rovelo tire was engineered for coupes, sedans, crossovers, and minivans, and is known for having an exceptionally long tread life, well beyond its competitors. Other benefits of the RHP-778 include its minimal road noise (even at high speeds), enhanced cornering and braking performance, and improved traction and handling in both wet and dry conditions. Thus, the Rovelo RHP-778 is a durable and reliable all-season tire that any budget-conscious shopper will love.


The Rovelo Road Quest H/T is a heavy-duty, all-season passenger tire built to traverse rough terrain and carry heavy loads. It was specifically engineered to suit crossovers and SUVs of all sizes. This capable all-season tire has a reputation for providing enhanced driver stability and control and excavating water, slush, and snow quickly for strong hydroplaning resistance. It also offers a lower rolling resistance, making it a fuel-efficient option for Canadian drivers. Features of the Rovelo Road Quest H/T range from wide circumferential grooves and large shoulder blocks to an enhanced rubber compound. In essence, no matter whether you’re driving on a highway or a country road, in the rain or on a hot summer’s day, the Rovelo Road Quest H/T will perform. Superior comfort, responsiveness, traction, and longevity are what you get with this Rovelo model. Treat your 4x4 to the tires of its dreams, with the reliable, budget-friendly, high-performing Rovelo Road Quest H/T tires.

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