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Radar Tires is one of the premiere tire manufacturers in the world. Based in Singapore and launched in 2006 by Omni United, the Radar brand has quickly grown to where it now has over 1,200 unique product offerings.

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Radar Tires is one of the premiere tire manufacturers in the world. Based in Singapore and launched in 2006 by Omni United, the Radar brand has quickly grown to where it now has over 1,200 unique product offerings. From the everyday Rivera Pro2 made for small and mid-sized vehicles to the high-performance, all-season Dimax AS-8, they have a tire to suit every driver. While all Radar Tire products are reliable and high-quality, there is one specific area where they really excel: off-road tires. That’s right, Radar’s all terrain, mud terrain, and rugged terrain tires are truly out of this world, offering excellent value for the money and superior traction and grip in a wide range of extreme conditions. Mud, snow, dirt, sand, rocks, gravel - there is nothing that can stop Radar’s impressive line of off-road, light truck tires. Below, we profile a few of our favourite Radar Tires, the all-terrain Renegade AT5, the mud terrain Renegade M/T R7, and the newly launched rugged terrain Renegade RT+.

Radar All Terrain Tire: Renegade AT5

The Radar Renegade AT5 is an all terrain tire that excels in both on and off-road conditions. It comes in over 50 sizes, ranging from 15” to 22”, making it suitable for a wide range of light trucks and SUVs. Out of Radar’s entire Renegade line, the AT5 provides the quietest on-road driving experience, which is something to consider if you like minimal road noise and plan to drive frequently on regular roads and highways. The Renegade AT5 features the brand’s signature stone ejector technology, with stone ejectors located between tread blocks to efficiently prevent stone retention. This tire’s impressive stone ejectors allow it to perform extremely well on sand or gravel. And while it still offers a satisfactory performance in muddy and rocky conditions, it doesn’t perform as well on these terrains compared to the Renegade M/T R7 and Renegade RT+ (more on those below!). One final benefit of the Radar Renegade AT5 all-terrain tire is its superior capabilities in winter conditions. It is 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake certified and features the necessary siping to maintain traction in deep snow or ice. Thus, the Renegade AT5 is a true all-season tire, suitable for winter driving in Canada.

Radar Mud Terrain Tire: Renegade M/T R7

For an off-road tire that doesn’t disappoint, look no further than the Radar Renegade M/T R7. This all-season, mud terrain tire was designed for light trucks and SUVs and comes in 30 sizes ranging between 16” and 22”. It is ideally suited to off-road use, as it is firmer and noisier than the Renegade AT5 on roads and highways. However, when it comes to off-road use, the M/T R7 is exceptional. This Radar Renegade product provides good traction on sand and gravel but truly shines when driving over mud and large rocks. Its incredible traction is due to the deep grooves and high void ratio that work to quickly excavate mud when driving on extreme terrain. The Radar Renegade M/T R7 is also 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake certified.

Radar Rugged Terrain Tire: Renegade RT+

The Radar Renegade RT+ is one of the newer Radar models to hit the market. It is a rugged terrain tire, which is essentially a hybrid between a mud terrain and an all terrain tire. Despite being a newer phenomenon in the tire industry, rugged terrain tires have quickly risen in popularity. The Renegade RT+ offers a quieter on-road driving experience than the M/T R7 and provides solid traction on gravel and sand and impeccable traction on mud and rocks. Featuring dual sidewalls, dagger-shaped side biters, and an optimized tread block for winter driving, this Radar Renegade model performs exceptionally well in off-road and winter conditions. Like the two Renegade products above, it has also earned the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake designation.

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