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Our mission at Tire Warehouse is to make tire buying easier, more convenient and affordable. If you’re looking for the best deals in Calgary for tires, you’re in the right place! Here’s our guide for finding quality tires at affordable prices

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Having dependable tires is essential in Calgary. Temperature and driving conditions can change in an instant. Make sure your tires are road-ready for Calgary driving. Here are some signs to watch out for that can tell you whether you need new tires.

Your tread is worn down

A good way to check this on your own is to insert a quarter upside-down into the groove of your tires where the tread is the lowest. If the tread doesn’t cover at least the top of the Queen’s head on the coin, it’s time to change your tires.

Your car isn’t driving the same

If you can feel your car slide when you’re cornering, take longer to come to a complete stop, or pull to one side, see your mechanic right away. He or she will tell you if your vehicle needs repairs or new tires.

Your tires are old

Once your tires get close to five years old, ask your mechanic, or tire installer, to inspect your tires whenever you take your vehicle in for service or a seasonal tire change. If your tires are already five years old, it’s probably time for new tires.


Here are a few suggestions we know will get you the best value for your money.

Timing is everything

Usually, tire manufacturers will drop their prices in the spring and fall to get people to buy new tires when they’re ready to change them over for the season. Also look for tire sales around the holidays.

Like everything else, check online first

And we’re not just suggesting this because it’s what we do. Checking online before buying anything these days is the best way to save time and energy and reassures you that you’re getting the lowest price.

Look out for rebates

Manufacturers will offer rebates randomly throughout the year. These aren’t the same as sales so it’s a good idea to check for tire rebates frequently. Our Offers page always has the latest rebates on all the top brands so bookmark it and check back often!

Don’t buy just one tire

Even if you only need one tire because of a flat or wear and tear, buying one tire is never advised for safety reasons. If the issue is wear and tear, your other tires are probably also due for replacement. Also, the cost per tire generally goes down the more tires you buy.

Don’t wait until it’s too late

If you get a flat or the tread on your tires is smooth, it’s already too late. You’re forced to buy tires whether they’re on sale or not. If you take advantage of rebates and sales when you know your tires are due for a change, you’ll get the most value for your money and have brand new tires ready for install when the time is right.


When you’re ready to buy tires, or if you’re just curious, there’s some basic information about the tires you’re looking for that you’ll need to know to get a quote. Here’s an overview of the options you’ll have to choose from when shopping for tires.

Type of Tire

The price you pay for your tires is going to depend on if you’re looking at All-Seasons, All-Weathers or Winter tires. We’ve broken down each type on our Buying Winter Tires in Calgary page.

Tires Size

Your vehicle manufacturer has specified the optimal tire size for your vehicle’s safety and performance. That tire size can be found in your user’s manual and on the door jamb of the driver’s side door. It’s important to use the recommended size. The manufacturer may have made your vehicle compatible with different sizes in which case you have more options. Contact us if you have questions about the right tire size for your driving needs.

Tire Warranty

A higher mileage warranty usually indicates a higher tire lifespan - which will mean a higher price. But when deciding if you need to replace your tires, we recommend that you inspect your tires regularly instead of going by the warranty.

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