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1 Ton Truck Tires

What are Best Tires for a 1 Ton Truck?



A 1-ton truck, whether it's a Ford F-series, RAM, Chevy, or GMC, is only as powerful on and off the pavement as the tires underneath it. Big trucks demand large tires, and we'll go over some of the best 1-Ton truck tires from some of the most respected brands in this article. We'll also look through these tires in terms of their various classifications, such as All-Season, All-Terrain, Off-Road/Mud Terrain, and Winter Tires.

These tires all have a level E load rating, which means they're acceptable for 1-ton trucks.


All-season tires are made for regular commuting performance, primarily on tar highways in hot or cold climates, but they can also handle dirt roads.

Check out some of our top all-season rubber for your 1-ton truck.


The Wrangler SR-A is a tire designed for smooth, quiet, and luxurious driving. It also performs effectively in rainy and dry weather—better traction in the snow, precipitation, and ice thanks to zigzag microgrooves. TredLock microgrooves give biting edges for better-wet traction, and they link together to create a powerful grip on corners on the Wrangler SR-A. The large circumferential channels let water pass through and out from the tires smoothly, while a special wet traction composition improves traction on wet surfaces.

The best all-season tire from Goodyear for a smooth and quiet journey on the highway.


With a wear-resistant construction, these tires will get you further, and they come with a 70,000-mile warranty, demonstrating Yokohama's assurance in their long-term performance. In all-weather situations, the all-season composition technology aids traction. To minimize sound, adjustable shoulder blocks with a five-pitch tread change form a continuous rib. As the tire starts to break down, the tread molds itself to provide the best possible control. 3D sipes aid in the creation of biting surfaces that provide optimum traction throughout the tire's lifespan.

This is an excellent choice for a comfortable, quiet ride on and back roads that still perform well all year.


The Agilis CrossClimate has a three-peak mountain snowflake accreditation to demonstrate its performance in icy situations, year-round efficiency, and traction for your 1-ton vehicle. It's Michelin's most long-lasting light commercial vehicle tire. CurbGard sidewall guards, which prevent curb scouring in urban situations, are included in the professional-grade design. To boost durability, it's built with more nylon reinforcement.

A terrific option for those looking for a little extra performance in the ice and snow.


In comparison to all-season and snow tires, all-terrain tires provide better off-road handling. They operate somewhere in the middle of real off-road and all-season tires, allowing them to handle both circumstances well.

For your 1-ton truck, here are some great all-terrain tires.


These tires provide better traction in winter weather, and their tread patterns are deeper than usual to manage water. They offer a longer tread life than comparable all-terrain tires while still providing excellent off-road capability. These rubbers have the toughness to last on the road and the versatility to be utilized on gravel roads off the beaten path. It also has biting particles in the multi-cell tubes to improve handling in wet environments, including snow, rain, and off-road muck.

These are the perfect tires for off-road durability and basic performance.


It is built to provide consistent off-road traction and long-lasting durability. This Firestone choice comes with a 50,000-mile guarantee, all-year-round functionality, and a three-peak alpine snowflake accreditation, demonstrating its ability to handle the cold. A staggered shoulder lug design combined with harsh off-shoulder tread provides tire edge bite for improved off-road performance. The filled interlocking 3D sipe technology ensures that the shoe wears evenly and consistently throughout its lifespan. In wet weather, open shoulder slots effectively drain water and retain traction.

The best choice for continuous handling performance during the life of the tread.


The Destination A/T is comparable to the X/T, except it produces less noise and has poorer control in ice and snow. This tire comes with a 50,000-mile guarantee and performs admirably in both wet and dry situations. This tire was explicitly built for pickup trucks, jeeps, and SUVs to allow them to explore the outside quickly. Long-link carbon reinforcement is used in the tread to reduce tread wear and avoid fracturing, chip, and tearing. On the road, 5-degree noise reduction innovation is used to reduce noise. The O-Bead structure on this tire enhances riding comfort and consistency across the tire. By the use of nylon wrapping, a spiral wrap provides total stability and high-speed capabilities.

The most acceptable solution for keeping control over all terrains while making the least amount of noise.


The Geolandar is Yokohama's answer to an all-terrain tire with a fantastic 60,000-mile treadwear guarantee. It has three 3D sipes that curve as the tread breaks down to keep the biting edges all the time through the tire's life. EdgeTec Grooves help channel water and muck away from the tire by increasing the void space on the tread. To keep the rubber malleable in cold or hot weather, Yokohama employed an Enduro Compound.

One of the finest tires for all-year traction in hot and cold weather.


This tire was created with specific attention to all-terrain durability. It's a tire that provides a smooth ride while still performing well in rainy conditions. With these tires, you may easily go to work on the road, then ride on gravel and grass before returning to the highway.

The Continental tire with the best blend of off-road traction and on-road stealth.


The Discoverer AT3 LT features a unique Tough Tread Technology that reduces wear during high weights and is built to take a battering on mud and gravel. It features an even wear arc structure to balance the tension at tire-to-road contact, allowing it to wear down more slowly while still providing excellent traction. The "Whisper Grooves" minimize road sound slightly, but it still isn't the quietest ride. However, it covers up for it with off-road capability and still performs well in wet weather.

On wet conditions, it's the best for braking power, and on rough ground, it's the best for control.


An all-terrain tire performs admirably in all seasons, from a July 4th heatwave to a December blizzard. These tires are M+S, 3PMSF approved, and perform well during the summer. In comparison to the All-Terrain T/A KO, inner sidewall splitting testing revealed that this rubber has a 20% stronger sidewall. It incorporates CoreGard Technology, which was first used in the Baja T/A KR2, to generate a bruise and split-resistant sidewall material. To decrease sidewall deterioration in general, the shoulder is thicker and longer. The T/A KO2 lasts significantly longer on pebbles and is 15% lengthier on the highway than the preceding KO thanks to a redesigned tread pattern and rubber composition.

The unique interlocking tread pattern and footprint shape aid in homogeneous road wear. It features special rock ejectors that drive debris from the tread, preventing your tires from being drilled. Staggered shoulder bars improve soft dirt and heavy snow handling, while 3D active sipe innovation adds more biting edges. Elevated shoulder bars aid to push compressed dirt out of the way and retain grip in mud & soft soil. Protruding tire blocks on the sidewall provide added control in mud and snow, as well as in aired-down driving conditions.


Groove stepping is used on the Revo 3 to tighten up tread blocks for better traction and extended tire life. Water may be channeled into and away from the tires thanks to open shoulder grooves and 3D sipes. Off-road and in the ice, a revised grip design and traction claws offer more excellent traction. 60,000-mile insurance backs it.

Bridgestone's best all-terrain tire for superior off-road handling and enjoyment.


A robust Goodyear tire that gives excellent control in any condition. The tread blocks are perfect and extensive, with an interlocking pattern that lowers highway noise and provides outstanding wear resilience. It has multi-angle sipes and saw-tooth block edges for all-season traction. A robust stepped design on the shoulder provides traction in mud and snow.

It's great for all types of terrain and slippery situations, and it's also very quiet on the road.


Enormous tread patterns on off-road truck tires are designed for mud and rough terrain. They appear to be exceedingly mean and violent, and while they may conquer the untouched trail, they will quickly wear down if raced on the road for an extended period, and they will be overly noisy on the roadway. However, if you're going off-road, there's no more excellent tire to get.

The following are some of the excellent off-road tires for your one-ton truck.


From the casing to the tread, GEO-SHIELD technologies deliver crushing capability and industry-leading tread lifespan. It contains several sidewall plies, steel belts, a complete nylon cap, and a high turn-up carcass for traction and safety. On wet pavement, the block-to-void ratios and sipes have been tuned to give reduced braking distance. Debris and rock ejectors maintain the grooves free so they can operate and avoid stone drilling. This tire includes sidewall protection, which protects it against debris damage. It features a variable pitch tread to deliver the smoothest off-road ride imaginably. A lengthy tread is created by a high-density combination and an extensive flat profile.

Off-road control and power to destroy any trail are provided by the best Yokohama tires.


For your 1-ton truck, one of the most robust and most capable off-road tires. Superior traction and grip are provided by TractiveGroove Technologies and self-cleaning shoulder bars, allowing you to charge through muck or snow with confidence and ease. A durable snow tire that has been certified to operate effectively in extreme conditions. It has steeply slanted middle tread blocks, which help with traction and horizontal stability while minimizing off-road tire sound.

The most excellent tire for optimum handling on every terrain, even muddy and snowy conditions.


Extra biting edges have been added to a newly created tread pattern to keep the system stable on slick terrain. This tire also has stone and mud-ejecting tread designs that will keep your vehicle performing at its best during your travel.

It's one of Firestone's top off-road car tires, but it also performs well on the road and in rainy weather.


Winter tires are ideal for driving on the road in the ice and snow. For people who drive in the colder northern states, snow tires are strongly advised.

Take a look at these tremendous 1-ton truck winter tire alternatives.


The Discoverer M+S features a revolutionary snow groove design for superior snow and ice handling. The sawtooth middle rib improves stability and treadwear uniformity while also assisting acceleration and stopping. D-squared sipe technology gives depth to the tread for even more excellent traction over time.

Cooper's best tire provides outstanding handling in wintry conditions such as snow, ice, and mud.


Another tire explicitly made for harsh winters. When it comes to grip and performance, you can trust Firestone's Winterforce LT. It boasts a high sipe density for maximum control in snow, slush, and ice. The directional tread design contributes to their quiet and comfortable operation. It's also mounted for #15 studs for extra traction in the winter.


All-season tires will be ideal for most 1-ton truckers throughout the year. If you're one of those people who enjoy mudding, you'll need proper off-road tires. Off-road, all-terrain tires can have the job done, but they can also become trapped in deep muck.


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