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How do you know if your Tires are Underinflated?

How do you know if your Tires are underinflated?

 Driving underinflated tires can be very dangerous and harmful if necessary measures and precautions are not taken. Sadly, it has been the norm of the day where drivers are seen driving cars with underinflated tires; this is so heart-breaking and devastating as their actions are not only risking their lives but of others too. Underinflated tires can cause serious consequences such as accidents and injuries that would have been prevented if the drivers would be keen on making sure that the pressure of their tires is inflated correctly.

One may ask how they can know that the tires of their car are underinflated. Well, this article provides the answers to that question, and the following are the signs that will help one realize that the tires are underinflated:

  • Low tire pressure

This is a crucial sign that indicates the tires are underinflated, and one may observe this through the help of a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) installed in each car that warns/ alerts when the pressure of the tire is too low.

A gauge is a very helpful tool that can be used to check the pressure of all the tires. This must be done before driving the vehicle when the tires are still cold for a precise reading and help one understand the reason for the pressure loss to remedy the situation at hand.

  • Flapping sound

For a flapping noise to be heard, a car has to be in motion. A flapping noise sounds horrible and will drive you insane if not taken care of. As soon as you hear this noise, please pull over and check the pressure of the tires for your own safety and peace of mind.

A flapping sound is also considered one among the signs of a flat tire; therefore, it is necessary to stop the car and check to be sure.

  • High consumption of fuel.

Did you know that the pressure of the tires also determines a car’s consumption level of fuel? Unbelievable right!? Overinflated and underinflated tires negatively affect the fuel consumption level of a vehicle. Underinflated tires often lead to fuel inefficiency as they tend to use so much energy that requires the use of so much fuel to rotate to move within the required distance.

This problem can be avoided by ensuring that the tires are at the required appropriate pressure to not incur unnecessary high costs because of fuel consumption.

  • Sidewall cracks

The more the tire ages, the more chances it has to experience a tear-out and breakdown. Tires that are flatter tend to experience friction with the road, overheat and wear out more easily, quickly, and faster. Sidewall cracks are a sign that you have underinflated tires. This is because sidewall cracks result from tires having a considerable surface area contact with the road; this, in turn, raises the heat and friction, which only happens when the tire is underinflated.

To avoid this problem, one should inflate the tires with the appropriate pressure as per the manufacturer’s advice.

  • Difficulties in handling.

Suppose you have been experiencing problems with your car during cornering, braking, turning, steering, and all matters related to your car’s responsiveness. In that case, you should check the pressure of your tires because underinflated tires usually harm the car’s handling capacities.

Underinflated tires are hazardous during emergencies such as an accident, and one needs total cooperation of the car’s responsiveness to get out of the situation. The strength of the car’s handling capacities is essential as the safety of one’s life is dependent on that. 

It is vital to ensure that the car tires are within the proper pressure not to affect the effectiveness of the car’s performing abilities.

Final Remarks

It wouldn’t hurt to make it a daily routine to check the pressure of your tires before driving your car to face the responsibilities of the day. It is essential to do this for your safety and that of others. Once in a while, treat your car with a complete car service that will influence the efficacy and effectiveness of every part of your car, tires being one of them.

Do not allow yourself to be the reason for an accident that could have been avoided if only you would have taken the necessary precautions. It goes with the saying better safe than sorry. 

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