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How do Potholes Damage your Tires?



Potholes are one of the apparent indicators of spring in certain Canadian cities. There are even more potholes. Are you aware of the impact that potholes may cause to your vehicle, as well as how such damage might affect your road safety?

Potholes can harm your vehicle only with one terrible hit to the wheel or a series of small attacks to the wheel. Potholes can harm your car's alignment, suspension, and tires with only one terrible hit to the wheel.

  • The speed with which you collide into the pothole
  • The pothole's size and depth

Although some damage is noticeable right away, for example, tire failure, sometimes you may not even be aware that something is wrong. However, you may find that your car rides a little rougher or handles less accurately with time.

What does this signify in terms of your driving safety? Potholes can cause serious damage to your car's alignment, tires, and suspension. Now let us take a closer look at the consequences of car damage caused by potholes.



The most damaging season for your tires is pothole season. Lumpy tire wear and damage might result as a result of this. A significant pothole strike could become the termination of your tire's usefulness since many pothole collisions originate on the sidewalls or front of your tire, which may not be fixed.

A wheel can be bent if it receives a sufficiently strong blow. This can induce severe leaks and flat-tires by causing a weak seal between the wheel and the tire. Check for abnormal wear and damage indicators on the edges and treads as part of your yearly spring repair or during your wintertime tire change.

Your tires receive the brunt of the impact when you strike a pothole; however, the force is transferred to your rims, shocks, and other front-end elements.


When your car hits a pothole, it may become misaligned or no more square to the vehicle in one of the following ways:

Potholes can cause alignment issues, which can lead to a variety of unpleasant and potentially dangerous consequences, including:

  • Poor steering
  • Vibrations
  • Premature or uneven tread wear

When you notice your vehicle dragging to one side whilst driving, it's usually a sign that it's out of alignment. And you'll have to change your tires more regularly; this can raise your vehicle's operating costs. This issue also has an impact on safety and can lead to driver tiredness.

A computerized rim alignment guarantees that your steering wheel is centered and that all wheels are level and flat on the highway. This keeps you on the straight and narrow, decreasing tire wear.


Your automobile's suspension system is engineered to:

  • Guarantee continuous tire contact with the highway
  • Support the car's weight, and;
  • Absorb and reduce shock

The standby force on the tire is passed to the rear suspension elements when a truck drives over a pothole. Pothole pulses force your suspension to wear out faster, reducing its performance. As previously said, the effect may not be immediately apparent, but with time, you may find that your automobile no longer springs back knocks as well as it once did. It may even start to bounce.

If you strike a pothole hard enough, the subsequent deformation of your suspension can compel your car to create contact with the ground. The impact could range from a scraped substructure to mechanical components that have shattered.


  1. Attempt to avoid potholes
  2. Try to avoid potholes, but only if you can effectively slam on the brakes promptly. Suppose you encounter the very same crater every morning, attempt to steer clear of that area or side of the highway without diverting and endangering yourself or other drivers.

    Furthermore, turning and then striking the hole at an angle causes more harm to your chassis than simply driving it over head-on.

  3. Slow down
  4. There's nothing you can do if you hit a pothole out of nowhere and can't change lanes. All you can do is reduce speed to minimize possible harm and protect yourself.

  5. Stay away from water-filled curb lanes
  6. Curb lanes and deep puddles, which can disguise potholes, are attractive sites for potholes due to the way roadways drain.

Generally, Avoid potholes by using mobile apps and reporting them. Some Canadian cities have developed applications that inform motorists where potholes are located so they can avoid them. You'll need to double those before hitting the road. If you come across a pothole, tell it to your local government so that crews may come out and fix it.


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