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Firestone All-Season

Count on the Firestone All-Season tire to keep you going. Built to last by a trustworthy brand, these tires offer all-season performance at a great value. With deep sipes and a unique tread design, they provide excellent traction and handling all year long.

The Firestone All-Season tire is an excellent choice for all-season driving on wet or dry roads. Deep sipes offer optimized hydroplane resistance as well as noise reduction that joins its well-rounded performance. Independent testing was performed in authentic Canadian winter and summer climates.

For year-round comfort and peak performance, Firestone All-Season tires are designed for traction in any condition. Firestone All Season tires can handle any road all year and have long been known for delivering solid performance and impressive reliability. Let's go out on the open road.

*90,000 Kilometre Limited Warranty (CUV Intended Sizes), 105,000 Kilometre Limited Warranty (All Other Sizes).

Features of the Firestone All-Season Tire

  • The Firestone All-Season Tire is a dependable all-season tire that provides excellent traction and handling. 

  • Its sipes retain wet and all-season traction. 

  • The tire is engineered for performance in wet, dry, and snowy conditions for year-round traction and handling.

  • The Firestone All-Season Tire is a quality all-season tire at a great value from a brand you can trust


The standard design of the Firestone All-Season tire is a symmetric rubber compound appropriate for all seasons. It has a deeper tread for dry and wet surfaces, plus 4 circumferential grooves that will help to guide water through it. The All-Season tire update replaces the old FR710 tire.

Tire performance should not be underestimated, especially with an all-season tire that boasts excellent fuel efficiency and savings. The Firestone All-Season tire is robust and keeps a car on dry pavement with ease. This tire is designed for solid handling on wet surfaces and is smooth to drive on dry pavement.

Now that we have identified the design and performance of this tire, let's get to the best part, cost. The Firestone All Season has a great price. Firestone is known for its reasonably priced tires and friendly customer service. They seek to create an enjoyable driving experience with a price that doesn't break the bank. Shop now to find the best prices available.

What are the benefits of All-Season Tires?

All-season tires are designed to provide traction in all weather conditions. They are made with a rubber compound that is designed to be more durable, and they are usually a little bit heavier than other tires. All-season tires also have tread patterns that help them perform well in snow, slush and ice as well as on dry pavement. . However, they are not designed for severe winter conditions. They do not have tread patterns that will help them perform well on wet or snowy surfaces. Snow tires are made with softer rubber compounds than all-season tires, which is why they lose grip on snow and ice. But with proper winter maintenance, they can work well in these conditions.

Benefits of Firestone All-Season Tires:

1) All-season tires are designed for all weather conditions

2) They have a rubber compound that is durable

3) They have tread patterns for snow, slush, and ice

4) They perform well on dry pavement



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