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Mickey Thompson Tires in Canada

Mickey Thompson Tires

Over the years, the American tire manufacturer has become known for crafting high-quality, specialized tires optimized for racing.

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Mickey Thompson Tires, named after the motor sporting legend from California, was founded in 1963 and quickly became the go-to brand for motorsport enthusiasts. Over the years, the American tire manufacturer has become known for crafting high-quality, specialized tires optimized for racing. Unlike other major tire manufacturers, Mickey Thompson Tires has a relatively small range of products. On the market today, you’ll find a mix of truck tires, street tires, and drag tires, all of which are known for their vastly superior handling and durability.

Mickey Thompson Tires Baja Boss A/T

The Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T model is an extreme, all-terrain tire engineered for light trucks and SUVs. It features an asymmetrical tread pattern, enhanced stone ejectors, sound-deadening ribs, extreme side biters, and shoulder scallops, all of which allow this Mickey Thompson product to perform exceptionally well in a wide range of conditions. The Baja Boss A/T provides a quiet, comfortable ride, all-weather and off-road traction, and superior on-road handling. It is also 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake certified, so you can trust it to perform in severe snow.

Mickey Thompson Tires Baja MTZ P3

For a quality mud terrain tire for your light truck or SUV, look no further than Mickey Thompson Tires’ Baja MTZ P3. The design of this tire incorporates a powerply 3-ply sidewall construction, four-pitch side biter pattern, a self-cleaning, high void tread pattern, and a silica-enforced tread compound. Overall, the Baja MTZ P3 from Mickey Thompson Tires offers improved performance in wet conditions, cut and chip resistance, and excellent traction and handling on both on-road and off-road surfaces including mud, gravel, and dirt.

Mickey Thompson Tires Deegan 38

GThe Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 is a specialty tire designed in collaboration with American racing icon Brian Deegan. It is an all-purpose, mud terrain light truck tire that combines the best of both worlds: an aggressive tread that performs on practically any surface, and excellent street manners on regular roads. Features including wide outer voids, a stylized black sidewall, and generous siping, give this tire an aggressive, epic aesthetic that motor enthusiasts are sure to love.

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