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Michelin - Agilis Tires in Canada

Michelin - Agilis Tires

Michelin is a tire brand that almost everyone is familiar with. Why? It all comes down to the superior quality of their products.

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Based in France, Michelin is the largest tire manufacturer in the world. They produce premium tires for practically all makes and models of vehicles, and Tire Warehouse has partnered with them to carry a vast selection of their products. Under the main Michelin brand are several sub-brands, including Agilis. Michelin Agilis tires are one of the brand’s most heavy-duty tire lines, suited to both urban and commercial light truck and van driving. These tires feature extra robust carcasses to handle heavy loads with ease.

Michelin Agilis

The Michelin Agilis tire is an all-season commercial light truck and van tire. This versatile tire, which is the original equipment on the Volkswagen EuroVan, provides all-season traction, long treadwear, minimal road noise, and superior handling. The Michelin Agilis features a reinforced, extra robust carcass and a Durable Security Compound that provides strong traction on a wide range of surfaces and reduces the effects of wear. It also has a sidewall curb protector and a Durable Contact Patch to create a squarer footprint. Ultimately, the CrossClimate Agilis is known for shorter braking even on wet surfaces, lower road noise, and better fuel consumption, not to mention all-weather traction, even in snow.

Agilis Alpin

The Michelin Agilis Alpin model is the brand’s commercial winter tire designed specifically for utility vehicles and vans. It features a tread with open shoulders, widely-spaced blocks, eight sidewall shields, 16% sipes, and Stabiligrip Technology, all of which serve to improve snow traction, create a claw-like effect on the snow, and provide optimum protection resulting in a longer tread life. It also uses Michelin’s Durable Contact Patch technology, developed for truck tires, to put more rubber on the road for better grip on snow and ice. Overall, the Michelin Agilis Alpin has all the necessary features to offer unparalleled winter highway performance for vehicles over 2.8 tonnes GVW.

Agilis CrossClimate

The Agilis CrossClimate is an all-weather, heavy-duty light truck and van tire designed for commercial use. Michelin engineered this tire to address a lack of quality all-season commercial tires in the industry. Designed to carry heavy loads, the Agilis CrossClimate features the best of Michelin’s all-weather and commercial truck technologies, including a CurbGuard sidewall protector that resists curb scrubbing, a StabiliBlock design with larger tread blocks to keep the rubber cool, and SipeLock technology to provide better grip on a wide range of surfaces. This versatile tire comes in two tread patterns, the non-directional tread pattern aimed at heavy-duty vans and the directional tread pattern designed for lighter vans. Overall, the Agilis CrossClimate is one of the few commercial-grade truck tires that delivers true all-season performance.

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