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GT Radial Tires

GT Radial Tires, owned GITI Tires, are high-quality, budget-friendly tires. This global tire manufacturer offers better quality tires than almost any of its competitors

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GT Radial Tires, owned GITI Tires, are high-quality, budget-friendly tires. Though they have yet to acquire a reputation on par with Bridgestone or Michelin, this global tire manufacturer offers better quality tires than almost any of its competitors - and at a lower price point. GT Radial Tires produces models for a wide range of vehicles, including sedans, coupes, minivans, pickup trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. Below are a few of our favourite GT Radial Tires products.

GT Radial Tires Adventuro AT3

For an all-season, all-terrain tire from GT Radial Tires, it doesn’t get better than the Adventuro AT3. This model is known for its dual-purpose tread design, five-pitch technology, enhanced compound, and 3D chamfered-edge grooves. Together, these features result in a tire that performs well in both on-road and off-road conditions, offers reduced tire noise, has a longer tread life, is resistant to cuts and chips, and provides superior grip and handling on wet and dry surfaces.

GT Radial Tires Champiro UHP1

GT Radial Tires has a few niche models, including the Champiro UHP1. This is an ultra high performance passenger car tire designed for summer conditions. If you own a luxury car and live in a warmer climate, these high-quality summer tires might be perfect for you. They feature an asymmetrical tread design, a centre rib design, strong integrated shoulder blocks, and a high silica content tread compound. As a result, some of the key benefits to be derived from the Champiro UHP1 are its impressive cornering traction, superior wet and dry handling, and efficient water dispersion on wet surfaces.

GT Radial Tires Maxtour All Season

GT Radial Tires’ Maxtour All Season model is a classic all-season passenger car touring tire. It performs exceptionally well in wet, dry, and even light snow conditions by pumping out water and slush to provide traction and prevent hydroplaning. The Maxtour All Season’s symmetrical tread design, variable pitch tread blocks, and wide circumferential grooves ensure a quiet ride and better handling and cornering capabilities.

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