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Affordable Firestone All Season Tire Prices

If you’re still in the process of making up your mind, consider the following 4 Firestone models. On this page we offer an introduction to each of these budget-friendly options.

Destination A/T2

Destination XT

Destination LE3



The Destination A/T2 is an All-Terrain, all season tire that truly lives up to the name “all season”. It meets industry standards for use in severe weather conditions and has earned the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol. As an All-Terrain tire, the Destination A/T2 is made for drivers of passenger light trucks, SUVs, jeeps and crossovers who want a rugged tire for off-roading that can still deliver a smooth, quiet ride on pavement.

To achieve that goal, Firestone designed the Destination A/T2 with a large effective footprint thanks to its solid center rib. The shoulders sport gripping tread lugs that can chew up almost any terrain you throw at them, giving the Destination A/T2s their impressive off-road capabilities. The tread is also designed with a high rubber-to-void ratio and high sipe density to channel water away from the contact surface and reduce the risk of hydroplaning. Add that to the jagged independent tread blocks and center rib for traction on snow and ice and it’s easy to see how the Destination A/T2 is rated for a three-peak mountain symbol.


For light truck and SUV drivers, the Destination X/T also combines off-road effectiveness with smooth on-road comfort. They are rated for severe weather as they’ve been awarded the industry’s three-peak mountain symbol.

The Destination X/T is designed with an aggressive, off-shoulder tread design for off-roading, staggered shoulder lugs for traction in the snow and a high void-to-rubber ratio and open shoulder slots for water evacuation and hydroplaning reduction. The symmetric pattern and deep tread features, including interlocking sipes, help optimize the tire’s traction for the duration of its lifespan.


If you drive an SUV, light truck or crossover and aren’t looking to go off-road, Firestone’s Destination LE3 could be the right all season tires for you. They’re highway tires meaning they’re designed for a quiet, comfortable ride. And because they come from Firestone, they deliver consistent, quality performance and longevity.

The Destination LE3 is formulated with advanced rubber compounds and full-depth tread features as part of Firestone's TractionTech package that preserves the tire’s effectiveness as it wears down over time. They also feature Firestone’s HydroGrip technology that includes open shoulder slots and a tread pattern that channels water away from the contact patch to reduce hydroplaning and its full-depth 3D sipes give you traction in light snow.


Depending on where you live, Firestone’s WeatherGrip may be a viable year-round tire solution for your passenger vehicle, minivan or CUV. Categorized as an all-weather tire, it is a cross between an all season and a winter tire. The WeatherGrip has earned the three-peak mountain symbol meaning it’s received the industry’s approval for service in severe weather conditions. But if you live in a particularly inhospitable winter climate, you may still need a traditional winter tire.

Firestone’s WeatherGrip comes with their TractionTech package which features interlocking grooves for consistent winter performance over the duration of the tire’s lifespan. The WeatherGrip’s tread is designed with plenty of biting edges for the snow and uses Firestone’s Hydro-Grip technology – a rounded footprint with open slots and full-depth grooves that help reduce the risk of hydroplaning by channelling water away and giving you traction on wet and slushy roads.

All Season

All season tires have come a long way over the years. Thanks to ever-improving technology, all seasons are able to tackle more adverse driving conditions than ever before. For Canadian winters however, we still recommend a dedicated set of winter tires as they are specially formulated to perform in sub-zero temperatures and their treads are designed specifically for snowy, ice-covered roads.

You can also check the All-Season Passenger Car tire for Mid-Sized Sedans, Precision Touring

Firestone Warranty in Canada

All Firestone tires come with a 90-Day Buy and Try Guarantee. This guarantee only applies to the original purchaser of a set of four, non-OEM tires and does not cover damage caused by collisions, road hazards and other specific types of damage. Other restrictions also apply. Contact us for more information.

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