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Cooper Winter Tires in Calgary

Cooper Tires in Calgary

Looking for Cooper winter tires in Calgary? Tire Warehouse carries the full line of Cooper Tires made for Calgary’s winter driving.

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Cooper All Weather Tires

On this page, we take a closer look at three of Cooper Tires’ all season tires:

Evolution Winter

Discoverer Winter Claw

Evolution Winter

Cooper’s Evolution Winter tire is a studdable winter tire for coupes, sedans, crossovers and other passenger vehicles designed for severe winter conditions like the ones we get in Calgary winters. They’re made with an off-set, sawtooth circumferential centre rib for a wide contact patch that provides stability in all weather conditions. Cooper’s Snow-Groove technology is also deployed in the tread to trap snow for snow-on-snow traction. Along with multi-angle sipe positioning that enhances grip on ice and wet, slushy roads by providing extra biting edges, the wide shoulder notches and deep tread features help evacuate water and slush to reduce hydroplaning.

While the Cooper Tire Evolution Winter is industry rated for severe winter service (earning the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol) and can handle winter driving for most Calgarians, it’s also designed with strategically placed stud holes made for TSMI #12 silver-coloured metallic winter studs for those seeking extra traction when accelerating and braking on deep snow and ice.

Discoverer Winter Claw

The Cooper Tire Discoverer Winter Claw is a studdable winter tire for light trucks, SUVs, vans and commercial vehicles designed for both reliable winter performance and handling heavy loads. Formulated with a winter compound for pliability in freezing temperatures, the tread is molded into a symmetrical pattern that clears out water and slush. The tread also features high-density siping in the tread blocks for biting edges on wet, icy and snow-covered surfaces.

Cooper’s Snow-Groove technology is also used in the Discoverer Winter Claw and with its circumferential grooves that trap snow, provides greater traction, handling and stopping ability in packed and deep snow. For Calgarians who want the extra security of even more traction on snow and ice, the Discoverer Winter Claw is designed with alternating holes in the shoulder and intermediate blocks that are capable of accepting 11mm (TSMI #12) silver-coloured metallic winter studs. The Discoverer Winter Claw also comes with the tire industry’s three-peak mountain snowflake symbol designating it as a severe weather winter tire.

The Discoverer AT3 4S is industry rated for severe winter service and bears the three-peak mountain snowflake, but we still recommend a dedicated winter tire for Edmonton’s harsher winter driving conditions.

Cooper Tires Canada

Tire Warehouse has been proudly servicing Canada and the greater Calgary area for over 40 years. We carry a full selection of tires made to handle Canadian winter driving, including Cooper Tires’ winter tire series. You can also check the CS5 Ultra Touring

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