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Bridgestone - Potenza Tires in Canada

Bridgestone - Potenza Tires

If you know anything about tires, then you’ve likely heard of Bridgestone. A behemoth in the tire world, they are one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world.

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They are also continually regarded as one of the best manufacturers, producing high-quality tires for all makes and models of vehicles, year after year. Given that they manufacture hundreds of tires, it makes sense that their products are divided into brands. Potenza is one Bridgestone brand that has been praised for its ultra-high-performance tire offerings. Bridgestone Potenza tires are known for their sporty look and feel, as well as their superior grip, handling, and responsiveness. Keep reading to learn more about three of our favorite Bridgestone Potenza models.


The Bridgestone Potenza S007A is one of the brand’s summer high-performance passenger car tires. This luxury tire was designed specifically with sports cars in mind, which means these are tires that ensure maximum performance when it comes to braking, accelerating, and cornering. In fact, the Potenza S007A was originally developed exclusively for the Aston Martin DB11. The tire features rounded blocks, a stiffened centre rib, Kevlar flipper and hybrid spiral, low angle sipes, 3D M-shaped sipes, and Bridgestone’s patented Run Flat Technology. While not suited to freezing temperatures or snowy conditions, this Potenza summer tire provides unbeatable traction on dry surfaces, superior hydroplaning resistance, a lower rolling resistance to reduce fuel consumption, and optimal cornering grip. As soon as you get behind the wheel of a car equipped with Bridgestone Potenza S007A tires, you’ll notice the improved handling and cornering, even when going at a high speed.


The Bridgestone Potenza RE050 is a summer performance passenger car tire that uses race-proven technology. Engineered to provide the best performance possible for sports cars, coupes, and sedans, this Potenza model delivers on all fronts. A high grip tread compound that uses L.L. Carbon ensures unparalleled wet surface performance, while the continuous centre rib and larger tread blocks improve steering response and tire stability. The mix of circumferential and lateral grooves channel water away from under the tread, allowing drivers to rest easy knowing their tires will continue to grip the road in wet conditions. Finally, the Bridgestone Potenza RE050 uses roundness technology to reduce noise and balance the tires. You’ll especially notice the above-average performance of the Potenza RE050 when it comes to braking, accelerating, cornering, steering, and dry traction.


The Potenza RE92 is one of Bridgestone’s high-performance all-season models, designed for coupes, sedans, and sports cars. It was engineered to offer a smooth, comfortable, and quiet ride without compromising on all-season capabilities. The all-season tread compound features an asymmetric tread pattern optimized to lower road noise, triangulated and interlocking blocks to improve traction on dry surfaces, and hard rubber stiffeners in the sidewall for superior cornering grip. Meanwhile, as a true all-season tire, the Potenza RE92 has circumferential grooves that excavate water, snow, and slush, and is reinforced with two steel belts for exceptional durability at all speeds. Overall, the Bridgestone Potenza RE92 tire offers drivers unrivalled steering, cornering grip, traction on wet and dry surfaces, and ride comfort.

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